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Female Hair Loss Product Reviews

Hair loss among women seems to be a very alarming occurrence. Since women are often seen with long, shiny hair, going bald is never an option for women. But losing your hair can actually happen to anyone. It is just more common for men, but women can actually experience losing hair. This phenomenon of hair thinning from the scalp is actually female pattern baldness.

Female pattern baldness may actually result from a lot of factors. Stress, childbirth, pregnancy, medications and even genes can be the reason why women experience extra strands falling off in the shower or sink.

Female pattern baldness is usually caused by the genes. This condition is known as androgenetic alopecia. This condition occurs when the testosterone in the body is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Once DHT is produce in the body, it damages the hair follicles leading to shedding off hair. This is common for women since testosterone is also present in women although in smaller amounts.

Hair loss products reviews are very helpful when determining treatments for this condition. Expensive treatments and surgeries may not be the solution all the time. There are times when cheaper products have also been proven to work effectively against hair loss. Here are some products that may help in regrowing hair among women.

Hair Loss Shampoo Review

Hair loss shampoo or DHT shampoo work to fight against DHT production in the body. Shampoos are specifically formulated to block DHT in the scalp, preventing it from doing further damage to the follicles. Adding to this, DHT shampoos stimulates the growth of follicles, enhancing the growth of new strands. DHT Shampoos often contain bioflavonoids which are the active ingredient against losing hair. These come in herbal formulas which are better alternatives for hair shampoos. blog ve suc khoe va loi song

Provillus For Women Review

The Provillus For Women Hair Growth System is an all-natural, FDA-approved treatment. Thinning hair is never a problem anymore with this product. Provillus hair growth system is composed of a two-part system – oral supplement and a liquid solution. These must be used together. The oral supplement is made with vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are needed for hair growth.

The liquid solution contains the FDA-approved chemical. Minoxidil. This has been proven to work effectively and safely on hair loss. This is a natural DHT blocker which stimulates the growth of hair from the follicles. These two components of the Provillus hair growth system will surely help you in dealing with hair thinning.

Natural hair loss product review

There are certain hair loss products which can be found in your own home. These may have been the oldest treatments for hair loss but there are early no scientific basis for these. Most women swear that these methods work when it comes to dealing with losing their hair.

Some things which are used for regrowing hair would include apple cider vinegar, almond oil, coconut milk, aloe vera gel and a masque made from honey and egg yolk. These are applied on to the hair and rinsed off with shampoo. These natural hair loss products are safe, effective and easy to find.


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